A New Piece of Twitter Etiquette

Recently I gained a few Twitter followers that were not people with whom I’d interacted before (in real life or online). I know, that’s the point of Twitter: to connect with new people to whom you would not be able to speak otherwise. Here’s the thing, though, my new followers did not tweet at me after they followed me, and it got me to thinking…

A lot of times when you follow someone new (famous or regular) on Twitter, you just press the follow button and that’s pretty much the end of your interaction. I think we should reconsider this process. As someone with new followers, I WANT to them to tweet at me and say hello, if only to find out why they thought I was worth following.

What was so amazing about my timeline that you felt the need to press that follow button? What do you hope to gain from my tweets? I want to know these things! And I’d be willing to bet that other people want to know these things from their new followers too.

Whether the new person you’re following is famous or a regular Joe, it doesn’t do any harm to say hello and start a new conversation. Twitter should not be a vacuum. It shouldn’t be a place where you follow silently and only @ reply in specific situations. If the person is worth following, I propose that they are also worth interacting with. You never know what kind of conversation your tweet will spark. I’m confident that going beyond just clicking the follow button will create a richer experience for both parties.

Another good reason to tweet at someone when you follow them? You give them a reason to follow you back. If you find them interesting and start a conversation, they may find you interesting in turn. Don’t expect to be followed just because you have followed.

Think on it!

Follow me (and tweet at me) @ZulyTweets.


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