Poker Table Banter – Don’t raise my big blind

Have you ever been sitting at a poker table and had someone get mad at you for raising when it’s their big blind? Not in a joking way, but in an annoying, constant complaining way? It really drives me nuts. It completely lacks logic and anything that lacks logic drives me nuts.

Here’s the thing about poker: the people who play usually want to win. (I hesitate to say always because I’ve seen some truly baffling play, but I digress.) In order to win, you need to do one of two things: 1) get everyone to fold, or 2) have the best hand at show down. A vast majority of the time you will be winning with the first option…and the only way to get people to fold is to raise.

Aside from this tiny bit of (obvious) poker strategy, the utter hypocrisy of big blind complainers cannot be denied. Do they limp in every time they want to play to save the big blind from having to call a raise? No. They raise when they have (what they perceive to be) good hands just like everyone else does, so getting mad when someone raises just because it’s THEIR big blind is the stupidest of the stupid.

The next time you hear someone complaining about getting their big blind raised, if you’re really courageous do it to that person every time. Just for fun. They’re giving you a way to tilt them, why not take it? 😉

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