Poker Banter: Taking a Break and Getting Wiser

It has been a long time since I last wrote a fresh entry for you guys (my mostly imaginary audience, haha). My journey to become a famous poker playing writer recently took an interesting detour back in May. At first this detour was parallel to the road I was originally taking, but very soon a large shift began to take place.

In May I participated in a series of recorded poker games for a product that aimed to teach people how to identify and interpret nonverbal communication at the poker table. These poker games were set up by the guy who taught me to play poker last year. Your first reaction is probably to ask, “Why would you show off your tells to the world like this?” Well, there were several reasons. The first was that I wanted to be analyzed. I wanted Blake to watch me play and tell me what I was giving off. Second, my participation allowed me to receive the product for free once it was completed, so I was basically paying for my training with my time (of which I have an abundance). Third, if I knew what I was giving off I would be able to correct it, so any tells that I gave off in the videos would be nullified once I learned how to eliminate them.

Most importantly, I am a constant student of the game, and it is really important to me to constantly add new elements to my poker skills.

These recorded poker games became the data for Beyond Tells.

At the time the games were being recorded I had a lot of free time, so I volunteered to help out during the games in which I wasn’t scheduled to play. Turns out that I ended up being the principal data recorder for 9 out of 12 games. I was present (either helping or playing) for 11 out of the 12 games. This put me in a very unique position. Next to Blake, I became the most knowledgeable person about the project overall, although I didn’t consider this at the time.

After seeing my dedication to the project, Blake decided he wanted to bring me on to help him with Beyond Tells and School of Cards. I was surprised, but really thrilled. Helping during the filming of the games made me realize just how much I could learn from being involved with the project, and if I got to help with the analysis as well I would become more than a soul reader. I’d become a soul eater.

July came around and I started officially working with Blake on the project. Since then I’ve pretty much been going nonstop. Even with all the data we have mined, there is still a seemingly infinite amount of information we can gather from the videos. I am psyched to go to work every day because it’s probably the best job I’ve ever had, and my poker game has been improving by leaps and bounds.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was playing poker with a bunch of guys. In this dream I was a famous poker player, and the conversation at the table revolved around how terrified the guys were of me because I could read their souls thanks to Beyond Tells. That dream is prophetic. I’m sure of it.

A few Beyond Tells videos have been released already to people who preordered, but the whole training program will be available to the public on October 10th. Until then, I’ll probably be damn near living at the office so I won’t be writing too many blog posts. If you ever want to reach me or get quick updates, definitely follow me on Twitter: @ZulyTweets.

Oh, here’s the Beyond Tells trailer if you don’t feel like going to the website:

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