5 Things That Tilt the Hell Out of Me

…but probably won’t ever have bearing at a poker table.

The list:

  1. When people look at their cards one at a time.
  2. When people take forever to make a trivial decision. (“Should I call this $5 bet with 72o?”)
  3. When people choose Jeopardy! clues out of order.
  4. When people buy vowels on Wheel of Fortune.
  5. When you ask someone for a time and they respond with, “in the morning,” or something similar.

When I play poker it’s extremely uncommon for me to go on tilt. In fact, the only times I’ve ever really “tilted” it’s been because of mathematical anomalies, not because of someone else’s behavior. Even then it takes a lot of this running bad for me to get upset. A good example: I sat down at a newly opened table and the first hand I received was ATs on the button. The board is ATTxx and I’m against one other person, we get to showdown and that guy has Aces. It was very ugly, but I shrugged it off and continued playing. The same (or a similar) scenario would need to happen 3 or 4 more times over the course of a session for me to get tilted.

Now, as you probably know if you follow my blog, I’ve spent the last four months or so working tirelessly on Beyond Tells.  (And I talk nonstop about it because I have no life outside of it right now, LOL.) A part of my job is to review all our footage and pull clips for specific projects. Right now we’re building timelines for an upcoming blink rate analysis. Basically, I gather clips of every single hand a person has received/played and organize them so the person can be analyzed.

Since I spend hours just watching people play, I’ve developed irrational (but funny) anger against really random things that people do. One of these quirks is when players look at their cards one at a time. Now, strictly speaking, this doesn’t impede or corrupt our analysis in any way, however, my love of order makes me RAGE when I watch hand after hand of a person doing this.

In my head, the correct way to look at your cards is to wait for both of them to be dealt, then look at them both at the same time and make a decision. My rage against one-at-a-time card lookers is completely irrational, but I get tilted as hell nonetheless after hours of watching them.

It’s actually pretty hilarious to hear me make comments as I work. This irrational anger against such a trivial thing made me think of other things that tilt the hell out of me for no good reason, hence the list above. (Actually I have a excellent reasons for numbers four and five, but still.)

Most of the situations on my list would never happen at a poker table, and the two that do are really only pet peeves because they make my BT tasks take longer, which, considering the amount of work I already have on my plate, is always annoying.

Thankfully, getting tilted while watching video or TV doesn’t lose me any money, so I’m okay with it and I’m sure I give my coworkers a good laugh every once in a while.

What are some silly things that “tilt” you?


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