Daily Birthday Treat Ideas

  1. Alpaca farm
  2. Drive in movie
  3. Parachute robe
  4. Dyson cool link
  5. Cake
  6. Springs preserve
  7. Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary (make Saturday Appt)
  8. Ethel M chocolates
  9. Neon museum
  10. Drag queen bingo
  11. Desert National Wildlife refuge
  12. Day completely to myself
  13. Volunteer at Horses4Heroes
  14. Rent a boat at Lake Las Vegas
  15. Ice cream
  16. Sleepover
  17. Go to monta ramen
  18. Donuts
  19. Sushi Koma
  20. Whole day alone
  21. Nora’s
  22. Vlog my day
  23. Go karting
  24. Peruvian food
  25. Hotwire hotel and room service
  26. Make a list of everything I like about myself
  27. Bath with bath bombs
  28. Pajamas
  29. Ring
  30. Bathtub tray
  31. Eyeliner tool thing I keep getting ads for
  32. Wear an all new outfit
  33. Bracelet
  34. Get someone to mount my big picture
  35. Flowers
  36. Go to the park
  37. Go for a sunset walK
  38. Hadley and Bennett apron
  39. Cooking class
  40. E-bird feeder
  41. Reformer class
  42. Solo hike at Mt Charleston
  43. Wear my gay glasses
  44. Wear my gay shoes
  45. Get the pura and a few great scents
  46. Eat rice pudding
  47. Make yourself a t-shirt
  48. Buy yourself something from qvc
  49. Bamboo fitted sheet
  50. Dress up
  51. Get a free birthday Jamba Juice
  52. Get free birthday Yogurtland
  53. Get free birthday Starbucks
  54. Make a vision board
  55. Do calligraphy
  56. Go try out white office chairs
  57. Do one of the activities in the anxiety book
  58. Hip bag
  59. Buy something from Etsy
  60. Do a face mask
  61. Float in the pool at night
  62. Buy something from your wish list
  63. Have a shopping spree at the LV outlets
  64. Watch qvc all day long
  65. Wear new shoes
  66. Go to home goods and buy whatever I want
  67. Do the rail road trial in Henderson
  68. Atomic testing museum
  69. Museum of natural history
  70. Mob museum
  71. Burlesque hall of fame
  72. Buy myself a big birthday balloon (June 1)
  73. Write a letter to tell someone I love them

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