Zuly Bonilla Poker

Photo of Zuly Bonilla by Risha Dallas Photography

It’s always difficult for me to explain who I am when people ask me to tell them about myself.
Am I my job? Am I my hobbies? Am I my likes and dislikes? And anyway, what is my job? How do I extricate it from my other passions? At this point I don’t think I can.

To make things simple: I’m a poker playing writer who happens to also be a huge foodie and has an incurable case of Wanderlust. Zuly Explains It All For You is the name of my blog. There you can find my musings on writing, poker, life and food.

So, what do I do for work?

Poker Player

I played cash games professionally for a while but now I’m “retired” from that life, and play poker seriously but not as my job.

Poker Teacher

I teach live Intro to Poker, Poker in Practice, Profitable No Limit Hold ‘Em, and Mathematics of Poker classes over at School of Cards. I also provide private coaching.

Director of Operations at Beyond Tells and School of Cards

This is an easy way to say I do all the stuff that doesn’t involve actually coding the website. I create content for the website, interface with customers, create marketing plans, edit video, yell at my coworkers when they take too long with projects, bake cakes for birthdays, write blog posts, do research, handle social media accounts, etc etc. We are a 5 person team building something that has never been done before in the world of poker, so nobody has a set job description.

Beyond Tells is an online training program that teaches people to detect and interpret nonverbal communication at the poker table. You buy a membership to the website and receive access to training videos, player walkthroughs and online practice tests that build a skillset which will transform you into a new breed of poker player. No more reading “poker tell” books that talk talk talk but never show.


I write novels of several genres. Specifically: general fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. None of my novels are finished but 8 are in different stages of progress. The most far along are an untitled vampire novel and a secretly titled poker novel about a woman who decides to become a professional poker player. The latter is loosely biographical. She has all my poker experience but her life is a lot more exciting than mine.

If you have restaurant suggestions, bad beat stories or want to discuss poker or books/writing, feel free to contact me. Kidding about the bad beat stories. I hate those.