The 100 Books in a Year Challenge

Every year since 2010 I have participated in the 100 Books in a Year Challenge.

I have yet to reach the 100 book goal in any one year.

I tend to be fond of long, laborious Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, which means my page count is high but my book count tends to be low.

If you’re interested in what I have read in past years, feel free to check out the lists for 2010, 201120122013201420152016, 2018, 2019, and 2020. I read plenty of books in 2017 but for whatever reason did not record them, so I guess they’re lost in time forever.

Here’s the running list for this year:

Running List of Read Books: 2021

  1. Death of a Prankster by MC Beaton
  2. Death of a Glutton by “
  3. Death of a Traveling Man by “
  4. Death of a Charming Man by “

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